Brilliant WD-40 Tricks Everyone Should Try Once

Some say there aren’t many things we need in life, but WD-40 is probably one of those things that we should definitely have around. It’s a wizard with as many magic tricks as your imagination can muster up.

Since it first came out, the multi-use product has become a staple in many people’s arsenal of home maintenance products. But it helps with so much more than just the common, well-known ways. Here are some surprising things you may not have realized you could use WD-40 for.

It Can Help Fix Cracked Phone Screens

Some of the things that WD-40 can help fix is absolutely remarkable, making it a true miracle worker in the world of DIY. One of the coolest things it can help fix is cracked phone screens.

Although the cracks and scratches won’t be completely fixed by the WD-40, there is no doubt that the screen will look a whole lot better after usage. All you have to do is spray it on the screen, wipe it with a dry cloth and voila.

Polishing your silver

It’s always great to own a nice collection of silverware cutlery, or a unique silver bowl that can often be a conversation piece when you have visitors. But we all know this common problem – silver might start to look a bit tarnished over time.

And you want to restore it to its former glory days of looking lustrous, but it’s not always easy to make it look new and shiny again once it happens. Well, fear not, this is yet another task that WD-40 can apparently help with. Just spray it down the piece of silver you want to clean, wipe it off, and watch that silver become sparkly once more!

Defrosting ice during winter

It doesn’t matter if you live in a place where the weather is wintery all year long, or if you’re trying to get things ready for the cold season, WD-40 might be useful to you.

All you have to do is spray your car windows with WD-40, wipe off the excess, and it will actually keep the ice from getting stuck on your car windows and save you some precious time every morning during the winter.

Unsticking zippers

It can be extremely frustrating when the zipper on your favorite sweatshirt, or a backpack that you love, gets completely stuck in place. You try to move it around, but it won’t budge anywhere.

So what do you do next? Well, you can try spraying some WD-40 on the zipper and gently work it back and forth. It should slide right back into its place and allow you to open and close the zipper once more.

Cleaning your shoes

Everyone hates it when their favorite pair of sneakers get dirty, with stubborn rock salt stains or just plain mud. It can really get in there sometimes, and it’s hard to clean.

One solution for that is spraying some WD-40 on the sneakers and wiping them down. You may be surprised how quickly that would work. And if you wish to make your shoes waterproof, just spray the whole thing with WD-40 and you’ll be good to go.

Getting rid of tar stains

Another pestering issue with cars is when you get tar all over it. Tar is a pretty persistent kind of stain, so it can be more annoying than cleaning a dirty oven.

But instead of slaving away in an effort to get rid of all the tar and wiping your car clean – you can spray the surface of your car with WD-40, and watch even the most stubborn of stains melt away, just like that.

Separating stuck glasses

It can be pretty annoying when you reach to get a drinking glass and instead of easily getting one, you find that some of your glasses have become locked together, with one of the glasses completely stuck inside the other.

Apparently, there’s an easy fix for that. You guessed it – just spray some WD-40 on the glasses, wait a few moments for it to get in there between the glasses, and then you’ll be able to easily (but gently) pull the two glasses apart. Of course, you’ll need to thoroughly wash them before you use them, as it’s obviously not recommended to put anything that touched WD-40 in your mouth.

Preventing scissors from sticking

If you tend to use scissors a lot around the kitchen, or while making beautiful DYI craft work for your home, then you probably know how annoyingly sticky scissors can get after a they’ve been used a couple of times.

It can be difficult and even dangerous to use scissors that aren’t working smoothly, but apparently, if you polish them from time to time with WD-40, you won’t have to deal with anything getting sticky – problem solved.

Cleaning toilets

Cleaning your toilet can be a pesky job, and not a very pleasant one either. Sometimes you can get some ugly gunk built up inside the toilet bowl, but what most people don’t know is that you don’t need a specialized product to get rid of it.

All you have to do is spray some WD-40 the way you would any other product, and clean the bowl with a nylon toilet brush. Not only will it get it cleaned, but it’ll also keep it clean for longer.

Protecting bird feeders

Having a bird feeder in the yard can be really nice. It keep those beautiful birds in your view, while also giving them a little treat.

However, squirrels can get in the way when they try to sneak in and steal the bird seeds. Not cool, right? But there’s a way to keep the little rascals away – if you spray the center pole with WD-40, the squirrels should just slide off. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Taking off rings

There’s few things in this world that are quite as stressful as having your ring stuck on your finger.

It can happen in warm weather, or is you’re a pregnant woman, your fingers might swell up a little, and usually our reaction is panicking. Well, there’s no need for that. You can just cover your ring finger with a little bit of WD-40, and the ring should slide right off. It’s practically a magic trick!

Unsticking gum

Many people enjoy chewing gum. There are so many different flavors, and it’s a delicious way to keep your mouth occupied when you’re hungry and don’t have any food available.

However, it can be really annoying when someone just leaves their gum on the floor, and it ends up getting stuck to your shoe in a way that’s just impossible to get out! But don’t fret about it – all you need (you guessed it!) is WD-40. It will come right off.

Removing lipstick

Wearing lipstick can be fun. You can switch colors every day according to your mood, and even get some compliments on your looks. But when it transfers onto your clothes, it’s not very fun to clean up.

Some lipsticks are harder to remove than others, too. But if you use WD-40 as a pre-wash stain remover, it will definitely help. If you find lipstick on your spouse’s clothing, though, that’s a whole other problem that WD-40 may not be able to assist with.

Getting rid of crayon marks

Probably anyone who has kids, or has had kids in their house, knows this problem.

As much as we’d love to encourage their creativity, we would prefer it if they didn’t use it to scribble with crayons all over the walls of our house. It can be a very difficult task to wipe everything off, and it doesn’t always work. But if you try spraying the walls with some WD-40, it should come right off.

Removing tea and coffee stains

It’s never nice when you have a few people over, and someone accidentally spills coffee or tea all over your table. These marks are incredibly hard to remove, and may never actually get out.

But a little bit of WD-40 can be very helpful in this case. Apparently, using a squirt of it while cleaning the table can work magic on the stains, and make them disappear in no time. Seriously, is this stuff amazing or what?

Opening Rusty Locks

Sometimes keyholes and keys can get rusty, and it can get really frustrating when they don’t work properly, and you have to spend an eternity to try and open the door in question.

You even risk breaking the key inside the lock, which can be a real headache. But don’t worry, you can simply apply some WD-40 onto the key, and you should be able to slide it easily into the keyhole and turn. You’re welcome!

Removing stickers and price tags

Sometimes it’s fun to put a sticker on your car, especially if it’s a funny bumper sticker that people driving behind us can get a kick out of.

But have you ever tried peeling off a window sticker or a bumper sticker of your car? It can be a very exasperating task to do it – and we mean very. This is yet another problem that WD-40 can help with. You just need to coat the sticker with a layer of it, and it should peel right off.

Extending the Life of Shower Heads

Another use you may not have realized WD-40 has is helping to prolong your shower head’s life. Having a good shower head is vital to taking a shower.

It can make all the difference between a regular, run-of-the-mill shower and a pampering spa-like break in your tedious daily routine. So we recommend applying some WD-40 on your shower head, as it can help you extend its life span even by years – which would also save you some money.

Filtering Dust in Air Conditioning

It’s recommended that you spray a light coat of WD-40 on the filter of your air conditioner before installing it, as it will actually make your filter much more effective.

It helps keeping the air in your home cleaner and help avoid allergies, by filtering out even more dust than usual. Try spraying on WD-40, and check the filters after a while – you may be surprised with the amount of dust that’s been filtered out.

Removing water stains

Have you ever found yourself standing frustrated in front of your shower while cleaning it, just wondering how so many water stains managed to build up on the glass? WD-40 to the rescue!

Yes, this is another of WD-40’s many uses, and a helpful one at that. You can apply just a spritz of WD-40 to your shower cleaning routine and just watch those annoying water stains disappear as if they never existed at all.

Getting rid of Mildew From Refrigerator Gasket

Another problem around the house that can get on everyone’s nerves, is the built up of disgusting gunk on you’re refrigerator’s gasket. It’s dirty, it’s gross, and it’s close to where we keep our food.

But this is another use you could get out of that WD-40 bottle. Just apply it to the refrigerator gasket, and let it sit for a few moments before wiping all of that gunk right off. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Exterminating and repelling roaches and insects

Why let cockroaches, spiders, and insects take over your home, when you can easily get rid of them with WD-40? Whenever you see a roach, just spray it directly with WD-40 and you no longer have a problem.

To keep those pesky insects away, just stray the windowsills and door frames with WD-40 – but be careful of inhaling the fumes, and keep in mind this solution is not meant for homes with small children or babies.

Removing gum from hair

It’s bad enough when a chewing gum sticks to the bottom of your show, but when it sticks to your kid’s hair? Ugh.

Usually what we would do is cut the piece of hair with gum in it, but don’t go reaching for the scissors just yet. If you spray a little WD-40 directly on the gum, it will come right off. Don’t forget to ventilate the room, avoid contact with the eyes, and rinse the hair thoroughly afterwards.

Cleaning and restoring license plates

Sometimes even little things like license plates require some maintenance.

If you need to restore a license plate that has rust building up on it, you can spray it with some WD-40 and wipe the plate with a clean cloth. This should remove the coat of rust on the surface, and keep it from getting more rust built up on it. It’s a great way of cleaning your license plate that wouldn’t leave a greasy feel to it.

Removing strong glue

It’s not a good idea to work with strong glue without using gloves, but hey – it happens to the best of us. So what do you do when super-strong glue gets stuck to your fingers? Hint – don’t freak out.

Try some of that WD-40 – spray a small amount directly onto the sticky part, and then rub your hands until it works. Magical, isn’t it? You can also use WD-40 to remove glue from other surfaces as well.

Cleaning and protecting guitar strings

What’s better than jamming on your guitar like a rock star? Probably nothing. But before you go on that tour, remember you need to clean and lubricate the strings of your guitar.

You don’t want anything ruining your sound, right? So spray WD-40 on a cloth and wipe your strings. Just make sure you don’t spray directly onto the guitar, so you don’t get any buildup of the product on the other parts of the guitar.

Keeping wooden handles splinter free

One of the most annoying things that can happen when working with garden tools, or any other wooden handled tools, is getting a splinter of wood in your hand.

It can also be quite painful when it happens! Luckily, as you’ve already probably realized, WD-40 is a product with many things to offer, and will happily solve this problem for you. WD-40 will protect the wood from moisture or other corrosive agents, and keep it splinter-free and smooth.

Breaking in new baseball gloves

Another great way of using WD-40 that probably hasn’t crossed your mind, is breaking in the leather in new baseball gloves. You can spray WD-40 on the glove, put a baseball in the center, and fold it over.

Once you’ve done that, tie it with a rubber band to hold it, and the WD-40 will soften up the leather so it can form around the ball. Leave it overnight, and be prepare to be amazed.

Conditioning leather furniture

Speaking of leather, you can also use WD-40 to soften and preserve your leather furniture so they would last longer. If you love your leather recliner, you best take care of it and make sure it’s in top shape.

All you have to do is spray WD-40 on and wipe the couch with a soft cloth. It should clean, protect, and soften the leather on your furniture, extending their life so you can enjoy them for longer.

Spraying on fishing lures

Some fishermen like to spray their fishing lures with some WD-40 since it can attract more fish.

There was a rumor going around that the reason it attracts fish is because there are fish components among the ingredients of the product, but the company that manufactures WD-40 says this is not true. However, you do need to check your local regulations, just to ensure that the use of chemically laced lures is legal where you live.

Rejuvenating your grill

Having a barbecue grill in our yard can be a lot of fun. We can invite friends, family, and whoever we like to enjoy a good meal outside in the sun. How much better can it get?

And if you want your grill to look brand new again, you can spray WD-40 on it, wait for a few moments, and scrub it using a wire brush. Of course, don’t forget to make sure your grill is not in use and had time to cool off.

Stops snorkeling mask fogging

There can be nothing more annoying when you’re snorkeling and your mask steams up. The whole point of that mask is to allow you to see the things below the surface of the water, but with the amount of fog inside, it’s impossible.

To make sure your trip isn’t a waste of time, it’s worth packing some WD-40 with you in the car to spray on the inside of your visor. That way, it won’t fog up, and you can see everything clearly in the water.

Removes melted plastic

It’s easy to forget to take the plastics out of our toaster ovens before we turn them on. Sadly it can result in a complete mess inside the oven as the plastic will melt and cover absolutely everything. If this unfortunate accident happens to you, there is a fix that means you won’t have to go out and buy yourself a new toaster oven.

Instead, you can use WD-40 to remove that plastic with relative ease and keep on using your toaster oven as though nothing happened.

Cleans and shines golf balls

When you’re out on the golf course your ball can land pretty much anywhere. That usually means come the end of a round it’s got mud all over it, so you need something that’s going to clean it. Applying WD-40 to your golf balls can help make things easier when it comes to keeping them clean.

Not only will the mud be less likely to stick in the future, but they will also be shinier thanks to the WD-40.

WD-40 will come to your rescue when trying to get your gold jewelry untangled in a pinch. All you need to do is give the necklace a quick spritz with the WD-40, and it should loosen up within seconds

Protects antique toys

Some antique toys have been around for over 100 years, and in moist environments, it’s only a matter of time before they start to rust up. Thankfully WD-40 is useful to ensure your antique collectibles stay that way for as long as possible.

The woodwork in our homes can be delicate, especially if you have young children around who don’t care much about keeping it nice. The surfaces of your wooden furniture can often become blighted with little scratches that make it look unsightly.

Cleans clogged Inkjet nozzles

Although many offices and companies are moving to become paperless, there is still a need to print things out from time to time. A clogged Inkjet nozzle can put the brakes on any printing you were expecting to do as it’s a tricky problem to fix.

WD-40 can unclog you nozzles pretty quickly, and all it takes is a little spray. Then, your nozzles should be clear, and you can get back to printing your next novel, a letter home, or what’s most likely; some kind of form.

Removes sports tape from ankles

When sports tape was introduced to the world, it allowed people to continue to exercise even if they felt as though their muscles were a little tight. The only downside to this medical tape is the fact that it is applied directly to your skin, which means it’s not fun to take off.

With a can of WD-40 nearby however, you can remove that sports tape without the pain that typically comes from it. The WD-40 will help you ease off the tape with the minimum of fuss.

Stops shoes squeaking

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of owning a pair of squeaky shoes, then you’ll know just how annoying they can be. They are particularly annoying when you are walking along corridors as they echo, almost mocking you with every step you take.

Applying WD-40 to the problem area of your shoes means they will no longer be annoying to wear, and you can show them off to everyone without the embarrassment. It might even help to improve the smell of your shoes at the same time!

Helps remove broken keys

It’s funny how much importance we place on our keys, yet they are so fragile and can break if you aren’t careful. The worst place for any key to break is in the lock because you can pretty much guarantee it’s not easy to remove.

WD-40 can make that job a lot easier though, as it will make the key slide out much easier than without it. Now you just need something small to grab the key, and it should come out just fine.

Stops spiders

When we are asleep, we have little to no idea about what’s going on around us. There is a myth that we swallow a certain number of spiders in our sleep during our lifetime, but that’s never been proven.

If you don’t want to give the spiders any chance of crawling into your bed when you are unconscious, then spray the bedposts with WD-40. It will make the surface extra slippery for them, plus they don’t like it, so they should stay away.

Protects truck on skateboards

The trucks on skateboards take a battering when they are being used. Not only are they there to keep the wheels on the board, but they also help with turning and with tricks if the rider is skilled enough.

WD-40 will help form a protective layer on the trucks, which will keep rust from forming on them. It will also help keep your wheels running as smoothly as possible, meaning you can go even faster with a little help from WD-40.

Removes candle soot

People love to light candles in their homes because they help create a pleasant atmosphere. They are also a good way to make the room smell nice if you choose a scented version. The problem with lighting candles in our homes is the soot that comes from them.

It’s like a little mini fireplace, especially if you keep your candles near the walls. WD-40 will act fast to remove any of the unsightly soot from your walls to keep your decor looking fresh and clean.

Frees stuck Lego blocks

Lego has been around for a long time, and the stackable bricks have been a favorite past time for children, and adults, for many generations. As fun as it is to build with Lego, when it comes to breaking down your creations to start again, it can be a problem.

The bricks sometimes fit together a little too well and don’t want to decouple. That’s where WD-40 comes in handy, and just a little spray will help coax those bricks apart so you can get back to building.

Stops bathroom mirror from fogging

When you step into the shower, something amazing seems to happen to your bathroom. Everything steams up, meaning you can no longer see your reflection in the mirror. While it’s easy just to wipe away the condensation, whenever the room dries, it will leave a mark on your mirror.

If you apply WD-40 to your mirror before even stepping into the shower, then it shouldn’t steam up in the first place. Now you are free to look at yourself for as long as you want, whenever you want.

Removes flood water stains

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a flood, then you will know the devastation that water can cause in your home. One place that seems to be affected more than most is the walls, and they will be stained once the water drains away.

To give you a helping hand when trying to clean up after a flood, apply some WD-40 to your walls, and get scrubbing. The oil will act fast against any mold growth and help restore your walls to their original condition.

Makes French doors run smoothly

The beauty of having French doors in your home is being able to open them up on a nice day to extend your home and make the yard part of your living space. That beauty is kind of lost if you can only half open your French doors, and you have to squeeze out past the stuck door.

WD-40 helps to bring life back to your French doors, all you need to do is to spray the tracks the doors run along.

Reduces moisture in pocket watches

Pocket watches are a technology and fashion from the past that doesn’t really fit into modern living. That doesn’t mean people don’t like them, and most of the pocket watches available to buy are all made from years gone by.

A problem with pocket watches is that they are susceptible to collecting moisture, which can affect how they run. WD-40 will drive the moisture out of your pocket watch, and have it running as smoothly as the day it was made.

Removes peanut butter from dog fur

Dogs absolutely love eating peanut butter, and they will do almost anything to get their tongues around it. Our canine friends aren’t always the most restrained of animals, and they get a little excited when the peanut butter comes out.

That can lead to accidents happening and our dogs getting covered in the stuff. It’s hard to get out of their fur, but WD-40 makes that task that little bit easier, meaning our dogs can go right back to eating without messing up the house.

Stops wicker chairs from squeaking

Wicker furniture has been around for hundreds of years, and this form of furniture making is still relevant today. It doesn’t seem to matter how old your wicker furniture is though, and as soon as you sit on it you are going to hear it squeak.

WD-40 can help to reduce that annoying squeaking, meaning you can enjoy other people’s company without getting distracted by the furniture. Gently rubbing the WD-40 into the problem areas should do the trick.