9 Nostradamus 2019 Predictions: World War III, Big Earthquake, Disasters, and More

Looks like 2019 would not be so peaceful… or so Nostradamus says.

When we hear the word ‘prophet’ one of the persons who come to our mind is Nostradamus—though the French physician does not claim to be one. In 1555, Nostradamus published a collection of 942 poetic quatrains in his book Les Propheties which allegedly predicts major events in the future.

But why do people believe in these seemingly random verses? Well, it’s just that his predictions were found to have 70% accuracy. Some of his most notable predictions include The Great Fire of London in 1666, the 9/11 attack, World War II, the rise of Hitler, Napoleon’s reign, and John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

By Zereshk, from Wikimedia Commons

Now, let’s see what Nostradamus has got to say for 2019. Those who read of Nostradamus predictions claim that the infamous seer predicted the following will happen this year:

1 Major Floods

Nostradamus’s quatrains say there will be a great flood affecting Europe. Some of the countries which will suffer most damages are Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain.

2. Increased Terrorist Attacks

The world will be facing an increased number of terrorist attacks. Additionally, US and UK will have problems managing immigration.

3 Conflicts Due to Religious Extremism

Religious extremism will rise in the Middle East which will lead to disorder and armed conflicts. This will cause many people to leave their homes and find refuge in Europe.

4 Polarizing Climate

The drastic effects of climate change will continue to be felt globally. It will bring extreme heat and extreme cold. Haven’t we heard much news of melting polar ice caps nowadays? It seems that this one is already coming true.  Nostradamus wrote:

“We shall see the water rising, and the earth falling under it.”

If there is anything good that will come out of it, he says major political leaders will have an agreement on the reduction of air pollutant emissions.

5 Hurricanes

Nostradamus predicts there will be hurricanes in various regions in the US. These hurricanes will bring great winds and may change the landscapes in the affected areas. He added that these disasters will bring armed conflicts and another country will seize the opportunity to become the new world power.

6 World War III

As if the above disasters aren’t enough, Nostradamus says there will be a World War III. The war will involve two major powers and will span for at least 27 years. It will be caused by an assassination of a church leader which he says will bring chaos to the world. The passage says:

“When the monarch will chase his nephew, Then Church people will commit scandals.”

7 Big Earthquake

A massive earthquake will hit the US. It may cover about 500 miles and may affect the distance between California, US, and Vancouver, Canada.

Looking over the tectonic plates in the area, if the prediction does come true, the earthquake may have a magnitude of at least 8.0 to 8.6 degrees or 8.7 to 9.2 degrees on the Richter scale.

8 Animal Language?

At last, there is one which is not so negative. Nostradamus claims animals will be closer to humans in 2019. The exact passage says:

“The pigs will become brothers to man”

Some people claim that this means that the technology which will help people talk to animals will be invented. Well, truthfully speaking, animal language does not seem probable currently. Some people think this means men will discover more benefits or usefulness of animals. 

9 Advancement in Medicine

There will be new discoveries in medicine and it will advance a lot. Nostradamus believers claim this will help extend the lifespan of humans to up to 200 years. Another passage hints the development of a global language. It says:

“After a new engine will appear, the world will be as in the days before Babel.”

Some people claim this ‘engine’ is the internet.  Disregarding the new ‘language,’ the development of technology is too fast that it is easier to connect with people who speak different words.

There are a lot of negatives in the predictions that we can’t help but wish his accuracy will decrease this time. In retrospect, a lot of texts in the passages are very vague and can be interpreted in many ways. Nostradamus believers (and worshippers) do tend to exaggerate a lot.