8 Parenting Apps That Will Make Your Parent Life Easier

It’s very hard to take care of children. Parents are often out of energy from balancing everything at home and full of worries of what the kids are doing when they are out of sight. Thankfully, technology has ways to make life easier for parents. Here are some apps you definitely have to try:

1 Cloud Baby Monitor

You only need two devices, one will be turned into a baby monitor and the other will be a receiver.  It includes live video feed, noise and motion detection which can be turned on or off. Now you would be able to keep an eye on your baby’s activities even when your on another room or you have to go on a quick trip to the convenient store.

2 BabyTime

This is a baby app that can help you track all your baby’s activities including feeding times, naps, baths and even diaper changing time. It also has a function to create a graph based on your baby’s activities to help find out the baby’s natural tendencies like natural sleep time and others.

3 Photomath

Fifth-grade math questions… who still remember those? But as model parents, you can’t just admit you don’t know how to solve your kid’s math homework, can’t you? Now there’s a solution for that. Just discreetly take a picture of the problem and Photomath will give you the solutions for the question. The app is equipped with handwriting recognition.

4 SecureTeen Parental Control

There are many things on the Internet that can corrupt your kid. This app can help block inappropriate content and apps. It can also monitor text messages, call details, as well as, activities on your kid’s social media. It will give you an alert if there are something suspicious. Additionally, the app comes with a scheduler that helps you set a time limit of your kid’s mobile, tablet or desktop usage.

5 ChoreMonster

You do not need to use 99 stratagems to force your kid to do simple chores like fixing their bed or cleaning their room. With this app, you can list a daily set of activities you want your kid to do and give rewards. The kids can access these tasks on their own gadget and you can set points for each task done to encourage your kid to finish it. These points can be used to exchange with rewards you listed on the app.

6 ReplyASAP

Does your kid always ignore your text messages? That’s not a problem anymore. This app will automatically freeze your kid’s phone until they give you a reply. This is very useful especially during even in emergencies

7 Peanut

Dubbed as ‘Tinder for moms,’ this app helps moms connect to other mommies in their area. Now you will have someone to talk to about your kids and exchange tips with. It also has a discussion platform called Peanut Pages where you can post topics or questions to the community. 

8 Cozi Family Organizer

This is a scheduling app that synchronizes your family’s activities from multiple devices. It has a family activity calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, family journal, recipes and meal planners—simply a lifesaver for haggard moms. At least they won’t have to repeatedly nag and remind the family on upcoming activities only for them to forget on the day of.