8 Most Bizzare Technologies at CES 2019

CES features the hottest technological trends each year. But there are just some gadgets that had people raising their brows or doing a double take. Here is a list of the weirdest stuff which graced the show floor at CES 2019:

1 LavvieBot Litter Box

Say goodbye to the messy and smelly task of cleaning your cat’s litter box. PurrSong introduces a self-cleaning litter box called LavvieBot. After your cat does its business, a rake inside the box gently scoops out the clumps. The cleaning can be timed in intervals and there is a function to automatically add fresh litter.  It also comes with an app to track the changes in your cat’s weight and receive texts when your cat uses the litter. It can also differentiate between multiple cats. How cool is that?

2 eDor expanding delivery door

What to do when a parcel arrived and the house is empty? eDor is a door customized with compartments to place deliveries when the recipient is not in. The expanding compartments are installed in major door frames. The company will send alert to the owner once deliveries are made and issue an eKey to open the compartment using near field communication (NFC) technology.

3 Y-brush vibrating toothbrush

The American Dental Association says you should brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes.  But nah ah, now you can do it for 10 seconds—that is according to the French company FashTeesh. The Y-brush is shaped like an athlete’s mouth guard which can clean half of your teeth at a time. It also comes with a brush, handle, storage pod, charging station and a toothpaste applicator

4 Monit’s Smart Diaper Monitor

Who needs to smell or feel baby diapers if there’s this little thing that can give alerts if a diaper needs changing. Monit’s smart diaper monitor is a Bluetooth sensor which is attached outside the baby’s diaper. The device can tell if your baby has peed or pooped and sends alerts to your phone.

5 Sony outdoor party speaker

Perfect for beer sessions, the Sony GTK-PG10 has a water-resistant retractable top panel which serves as table and cup holders. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for up to 13 hours and a mic input for Karaoke sessions.

6 Rocking Bed for Adults

Rocking beds are not only for babies. This rocking bed doesn’t really rock, instead, the frame glides the mattress back-and-forth to mimic a rocking motion. The bed is also equipped with a timer.

7 DFree ultrasound sensor

Dfree is for “diaper free,” well, you didn’t read it wrong. This device uses ultrasound to monitor the bladder and alerts to an attached smart device if it’s time to use the toilet. It sounds odd at first but it is very useful especially for elders who suffer from incontinence.

8 Fravel’s Pet-like Suitcase

“No pets allowed!” That phrase found in most public transport and hotels makes it difficult to take your pet with you on your precious vacations. Fravel’s new suitcase is designed to be like a pet you can travel with. It has squishy ears that move when you pet or walk with the case. It also has cat paw feet that houses the wheels and a heart which lights up and beats when Fravel is feeling excited.