10 Weird Chocolate Flavors That are Borderline Disgusting

Chocolates are all-time favorites. Evidence to that is the ever-growing worldwide consumption of chocolate confectionaries.  In 2019, the worldwide chocolate consumption is expected to grow to 7.7 million tons.

If you are getting bored of eating normal chocolates, how about trying these weird chocolate flavors? Some of them might be acceptable based on individual preference but others are just plain disgusting.

1 Sushi Chocolate

Japan’s KitKat has a variety of wild flavors. You might have heard about sweet potato, matcha, or soybean KitKats, but this one is a level higher in craziness. The sushi KitKat has three varieties, tuna, egg and sea urchin roll flavors.

2 Cigar and Liquor Chocolate

Why smoke if there is nicotine chocolate? This contains cigar leaves soaked in rum and cognac—three guilty pleasures in one bite. This gotta be kept out of reach of children.

3 Chai Chocolate

I would rather have that matcha KitKat than this one. Chai is a tea which originated from India. It contains many different spices such as ginger, cinnamon, peppercorn, cardamom, and garlic.

4 Chili Chocolate

This one will make you hot… probably? Some chili chocolates available in the market include Red Fire Bar, this is a dark chocolate treat with Mexican chilies, Chipotle chilies, and cinnamon. Meanwhile, Mayan Heat contains chili, fruit and raw cocoa,

5 Bacon Chocolate

Americans are nuts about bacon so it’s a surprise they try to mix it with one of their favorite desserts. There are many types of bacon chocolate in the market; crispy uncured bacon, smoked bacon… Surely this will make a great energizer for breakfast.

6 Curry Chocolate

Curry Chocolate? Well, it actually not surprising as some kitchens are cooking chocolate chicken curry dishes. Curry chocolates have different variations based on brand. Those flavored with sweetened curry powders might be acceptable but how about those with kadi patta aka curry leaves?

7 Cucumber Vodka Mint Chocolate

Liquor-infused chocolates aren’t really that rare. However, this one is a combination of vodka, mint, cucumber puree in white chocolate covered with dark chocolate.

8 Peanuts and Ketchup Chocolate

Can’t imagine how this would taste like but it would certainly be strange. Who eats peanut with ketchup anyway? This is made by Austrian chocolate company, Zotter. Thankfully, this was a special edition flavor to honor former President Obama’s election by mixing American favorites.

9 Pig’s Blood Chocolate

This one is available only during Halloween. It contains pig’s blood, paprika, and cinnamon in Ecuadorian chocolate. Sounds perfect for pranks and giving kids an unforgettable trick or treat experience.

10 Ant Chocolate

Your childhood isn’t complete if you haven’t tried eating ants. But hey! There are actually quite a number of chocolate brands that offer ant-flavored chocolates. The chocolates contain real red fire ants. These types of ants have more painful bites than a normal ant. But maybe the only difference of eating this ant-flavored chocolate and eating that chocolate you forgot to store properly and has ants crawling on it is… the ants aren’t moving?